Cam & Karen Understand the Value of Word of Mouth. Take a Read and Hear What their Clients had to Say!

  • Ali & Chris
    "We were quickly directed to Cam and Karen when we expressed an interest in buying a waterfront property in Muskoka, and thankfully so. It didn’t take long to realize that they are a perfect combo, Cam indulged in my many questions and walked me over every technical aspect during each property visit while Karen and my wife checked out the finer details. With their abundance of local knowledge and experience we felt like we were getting an honest, straightforward opinion on every aspect of the houses we visited, making this daunting task much easier and more enjoyable - I’ll admit we underestimated the process! Finally, I think it is fair to say I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Cam and Karen’s services to anyone wishing to purchase a property in the Muskoka or surrounding regions".
  • Kathy & Paul
    "Cam & Karen helped us purchase our first cottage and then helped us move up to our new cottage We found both of them to be great company as we toured the different properties and they always had lots of information about the surrounding area. Their knowledge of the lakes, docks, building codes and all aspects of the cottages was impressive. Even though we had some problems with road access, Karen and Cam focused on helping and supporting us throughout the process. We would highly recommend them and we hope to continue our relationship in the future".
    Kathy & Paul
  • Iona & Miguel Mendes
    "We have had the pleasure of working with Cam & Karen ongoing for 8 years. They have always maintained a high professional standard, along with looking out for our best interests. They have gone above and beyond for us, we appreciate all the help and hard work shown... We look forward to more dealings with them".
    Iona & Miguel Mendes

Guidance & Support

"Happy Thanksgiving! We have you to thank for helping make this Thanksgiving weekend a special one. Only two months ago we had thoughts about getting a cottage. A lovely, peaceful, home away from home. With much thanks to you that has come to pass. We are enjoying a wonderful weekend at our new cottage. All went well with our mortgage, and signing documents with lawyers, and the many other numerous hurdles to purchasing a second property, but none of it seemed too big thanks to your guidance and support, and just knowing that you were there if we had a question or concern. We hope you are well and that it is a wonderful fall season for you. Our many thanks to you".
Kind regards,

-Steve and Tracey


"Now, that we’re able to take a breath between newborn and moving, we’d like to thank you for an easy process and seamless transaction in the sale of our home. Thanks for everything! See ya around Port! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

-Andrea, Andrew, Miles and Paige

Practical & Realistic

Last year our family sold our Muskoka cottage. It had been in the family for decades and it was a difficult decision. Cam and Karen understood and empathized but, were practical and realistic with us. They made impactful and simple recommendations for preparing the cottage for sale and they worked diligently to market and show the property. They coached us through the process and helped us understand how Muskoka is a "very different market". In the end, the cottage sold at a higher price than other agents had suggested we even start the listing. Cam and Karen made it work for us and we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services.

-J. Arlene Rawson

Knowledgeable, Helpful & Insightful

"Cam and Karen were a godsend - knowledgeable, helpful, insightful and all the time listtening to our list of requirements - as well as being mindful of our budget. As a result of their efforts and great work we found our own piece of paradise and have not looked back. Thanks Cam and Karen!"

-Heather & Paul Sulkers

Professional & Objective

"We were entirely new to the region and we found Cam and Karento be a wealth of knowledge regarding the lakes, bylaws, construction,docks/shorelines, and every other detail. Both Cameron and Karen were professional and objective and on top of it, we enjoyed their pleasant company. Without hesitation I recommend them highly."

-Dr. Ric & Marlene Kimacovich

Enthusiastic & Focused

"You were never hesitant to meet us at properties, and answer the many questions first time home buyers have. Your enthusiasm and advice kept us hopeful and focused throughout the struggles. We wish you continued successwith future endeavors, and we will be in touch!"

-Jen& Phil

Corresponding Values

"“Simply put- their extensive knowledge of the real estate market and corresponding values helped us make our final decision. The end result – we are very happy clients who would not hesitate to recommend Cam and Karen to those considering buyingin the Muskoka region.”

-Carol Miller

Cottage Living

"Thank you for the tickets to the Cottage Show. That is very generous of you.
We were recently at our cottage on the Family Day weekend. We had a great time snow-shoeing and, for the first time ever in our lives, walking out onto the frozen lake - a little unnerving while simultaneously really cool.
We so much enjoy the charm of our property even when there is four feet of snow covering everything, especially because it is all so beautiful and peaceful. We hope to get up again for Easter, last year when we were there at Easter spring had begun and it was a very enjoyable weekend.
Thank you for being such a big part of journey into cottage living."
Best wishes.

-Steve and Tracey

Dynamic Team

"I have been working with Cam and Karen for over 3 years now in the Muskoka region and my experience has been terrific. These guys truly are full service.
They listen to my needs and present me with properties that are in my range and to my specifications, yet allow me to make my own decisions. They really push to secure my deals, and continue to follow-up further for installed reassurance. Despite any cold feet buyers, Cam and Karen have the ability to fulfill the deal, diminishing any doubt of buyer’s remorse.
Cam and Karen are a dynamic team offering different views on each property as it gives me a balanced perspective for each opportunity. Specifically Cam is always concerned about giving his view on the construction side of things, as well as always getting an independent inspection, I really enjoyed getting his thoughts on the building structure and bouncing ideas around with the both of them on renovation ideas. After all, no cottage is perfect!
Cam and Karen have also been great in helping me get set-up in the area by providing me with a list of contacts that I was able to use to fully enjoy my Muskoka experience:
-lawn care,
-builders, "I know their role is not to do all these extra items, but it is always great to know that
-cleaners, when I need something beyond the sale or purchase of a cottage, they were always
-city planners, there for me."
-stores ect.
I would highly recommend Cam and Karen!"

-Michael Smith, President & CEO: CIM